Lives matter more than share prices.

Hundreds, if not a thousand and more, people are dying everyday due to Coronavirus (Covid -19). The inadequate response from the UK Government who initially wanted to get ‘herd immunity’ to this virus by risking thousands of lives has been responsible for many of the deaths we are now seeing. It quite telling that one of the first actions taken by Johnson’s Government was to bring in PR advisers to try to spin their way out of the mess they have created.

Of course, the ever supine and spineless UK mainstream media are doing their bit to deflect any criticism of the government they helped to foist on the gullible voters of England. Until there is a clear resolution for actually tackling this virus and for eventually taking on board the demands of real experts such as the WHO there should be no talk of removing the lockdown to get the economy moving.

Lives matter more than share prices.

The latest intervention by the new Labour leader calling for details on how to get the economy started highlights that he is just another red tory more interested in profits than lives.

The UK Government has been found wanting during this whole crisis, thinking that repeatedly lying will get them off the hook. They defunded the NHS in an effort to sell it off, they have risked the lives of those who care for us when we need it most – in the NHS and care setting – as well as all the other essential workers who have found promises of PPE nothing more than a series of lies.
The UK will have one of the biggest death tolls from this virus simply because the Johnson Government doesn’t value the lives of ordinary people. We need a realistic plan on how to tackle the virus before we can even think of lifting the lockdown.

Trump comes to town …

Well, not really but campaigns against him have sprung up across the UK and especially in Scotland where protesters in Glasgow and Edinburgh have shown the world their contempt for the US President.

To remind us of just how obnoxious Mr Trump is, Mhairi Black MP’s column in this Saturday’s National newspaper listed some of Trump’s comments:

mhairi trump






The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll leave the rest of this article with some of the best banners against Trump today.

oompa lumpa

The above photos were taken from the YonaMacMedia facebook site ( but there are plenty of other photos online displaying the inventiveness and humour of the protesters.

However, you can always rely on Glasgow comedienne Janey Godley to get straight to the point.

Trump cunt

and finally … the following video was taken from US TV show Full Frontal last year.

Another Hiccup for Mundell!

loch fyne gin
One of the many gins produced in Scotland but ignored by the Secretary of State for Scotland!

I don’t drink gin but I know someone who does.  They like to try as many as possible but particularly favour trying Scottish gins, after all Scotland now produces something like 70% of all the gins made in the UK.  You would think that many Scots would favour their local produce, after all it helps to promote jobs and the economy in Scotland.

However, there is one person which this doesn’t apply to, David Mundell MP – the Secretary of State for Scotland!  His department have been busily promoting Forest Gin – made in Macclesfield Forrest, Cheshire, England via their UK Government in Scotland social media channels.  They used to be the Scottish Office but that sounded to ‘nationalist’ for them so they had a quick rebrand (at taxpayers expense) to emphasis their role as part of the UK Government.

Surely Mr Mundell’s department – which was criticised for failing to intervene to save 450 jobs at the Youngs Pinney site in Annan while the UK Government gave the same company a grant to create 200 similar jobs in England – could have found at least one Scottish gin producer?  Are we now in the situation where a UK Government department which is meant to bring benefits to Scotland actually uses its time and resources to promote English competitors?

Yet again this will leave many people asking – what exactly is the point of David Mundell MP – and his ‘UK Government in Scotland’?


Would you trust the Tories with our Parliament?

I think most people in Scotland wouldn’t.  Nor would we have much faith in their Brit Nat pals in the Labour and Lib Dem parties.  After all they didn’t exactly keep to the promises they made in their infamous vow during the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

scottish parliamentYet according to most of the mainstream media (and especially the Tory propaganda machine formerly known as the BBC), we are to believe it’s only Nicola Sturgeon’s intransigence that has stopped her signing a deal which will see Westminster take control of powers which should be reserved to the Scottish Parliament – and only for seven years!  Aye Right!

Apparently because the Welsh First Minister has caved in and agreed (while strangely announcing his retirement only a few days earlier) the Scots should do likewise.  All the press coverage was on the SNP refusing to agree terms and not why was Westminster westminsterwanting take away our Parliament’s powers.  The pending retirement of the Welsh First Minister also seemed to come out of nowhere – was he pushed?  I suppose we’ll only find out once he releases his biography, but there is some speculation on why his Labour party have agreed to all the demands made by Theresa May’s Tory Government.

Many of us believe that the current Scottish Parliament is inadequate and doesn’t have the full powers necessary to transform Scotland into a vibrant and fairer society so why should we give up what limited powers we have!  After all didn’t all the Brit Nat parties boast about Scotland having the most powerful devolved parliament in the world?

If the Tories get their hands on the powers of the Scottish Parliament then they will ride roughshod over the wishes of the Scottish electorate and try to bring Scotland back into line with Westminster policies.  This could mean:

  • the Scottish countryside opened up for fracking;
  • the right to buy re-introduced;
  • the bedroom tax re-introduced;
  • Police numbers slashed until we end up with a rising crime rate similar to what is happening in England;
  • prescription charges re-introduced (currently £8.60 in England);
  • privatisation of the Scottish NHS;
  • student tuition fees re-introduced (up to £9,000 per year);
  • GMOs allowed in Scottish farming and so on … the list is virtually endless.

Instead of having a Parliament in Scotland defending Scottish policies we will have to rely on 35 SNP MPs plus hopefully 4 Plaid Cymru MPs to somehow overturn the votes of 611 Brit Nat politicians intent on showing the Scots that our Parliament is secondary to Westminster.

The solution is simple.  Independence. Let’s all work to make this happen.

What is the point of the Labour Party?

Seriously, what is the point of the Labour Party these days?

After copying SNP demands for a House of Commons debate on the Prime Minister’s bloodlust in Syria, Labour were granted an emergency debate on Syria on 16th April.  This debate was mainly about whether the Tory Government should have consulted Parliament before launching any attack on Syria rather than an effective debate on whether such action was justified.  In fact, an alarming amount of Labour MPs seem to have swallowed the Tory/ BBC propaganda about the alleged chemical weapons attack without any question.

However, when it comes to having a vote only 1 Labour MP – Dennis Skinner – actually bothers to hang around long enough to vote (he sided with the SNP).  All the other Labour MPs simply failed to vote.

Syria vote

An opposition which doesn’t oppose is no opposition at all. The Labour Party is complicit in all the actions of this Tory Government when they fail to stand up against them.

To Hell with War … and the UK

Yet another British Prime Minister has taken the country into an illegal war or is it just a conflict or a targeted strike?  Whatever the spin doctors call it, there will be people – civilians – men, women and children – who will have suffered and died from Theresa May’s decision to hang onto the coat tails of the deranged, outsized Oompa Loompa called Donald.  Continue reading “To Hell with War … and the UK”

If ye want something done, ye need to dae it yersel

Another excellent article by the Wee Ginger Dug in today’s (Saturday 14th October) edition of the National, highlighting the need for those of us who support Scottish Independence to get active.  Independence isn’t going to happen by just sitting there waiting for it, and when a referendum is called surely it would be better if we’ve already laid the groundwork and convinced more people to choose Independence?

WGD 14Oct17

paul-kavanagh-and-wee-ginger-dugI was fortunate to hear Paul Kavanagh (aka Wee Ginger Dug – and just to note the dug isn’t that wee) at my SNP branch meeting last weekend.  He was one of the best guest speakers we’ve had, providing a strong case for independence with just the right mix of humour and information.  If anyone else is looking for a guest speaker you can’t go wrong with inviting Paul (and his dug).







What’s in a name?

As you can see from above, the title of this blog is Rock and Rhetoric.  I ran through a few other suggestions looking for a title that would reflect what I am thinking of blogging about.

To acknowledge my interest in music and guitars I went for the Rock title (even though the main styles of music will vary between rock, blues and heavy metal). As for the rhetoric title?  Well the other main theme of this blog will be about politics, certainly from a Scottish Independence viewpoint, but other political issues may well emerge.  I struggled to think of one all-encompassing term and settled for Rhetoric – after all politics (and politicians) survive on a diet of words and arguments.