How dare you be happy!

The BritNat media really do know how to work themselves into a lather over any little thing!  Their latest outburst was over the reaction of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP when the SNP’s Amy Callaghan won her election in East Dunbartonshire.  Amy had come from behind to beat the sitting MP who also happened to be the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson.  Normally you would expect a political party to throw its whole weight behind its leader, to ensure that they win, so this would have made it an even tougher battle for Amy, irrespective of how close the gap may have been between the parties at the start of the election campaign.


However, as Jo Swinson found to her cost, the advantage of constant TV coverage started to work against her as the voters started to realise just how bad a candidate she was. Every time she appeared on a leaders debate her approval rating plummeted.  The fake accent, the phoney bar graphs and the outright lies of being the largest remain party started to take its toll.  Add in the reminder of the LibDems propping up David Cameron’s Tory Government along with the bedroom tax, the rape clause and constant austerity saw Lib Dem support fall rapidly.

Is it any surprise that the leader of a political party would celebrate one of their candidates winning an election – especially if this victory wasn’t expected?  Of course not, its entirely natural.  If the media were upset about Sturgeon’s reaction then I would hate for them to realise the reaction across the rest of Scotland where there were massive celebrations about Swinson losing!

It may also be worth remembering the reactions of BritNats when Alex Salmond, Angus Robertson and co lost their seats in 2017.  Was there any condemnation of BritNat politicians by the media? was there hell!  They joined in with the BritNat celebrations. The same happened in 2014 after the Scottish Independence Referendum.

So if the BritNat media are concerned about a party leader celebrating a great victory tell them to get stuffed. Its just another typical two-faced attack on the SNP and Scottish Independence Movement by the hypocritical BritNat media.  The vast majority of Scottish voters – and not only independence supporters – enjoyed seeing Swinson fail, it was our Scottish ‘Portillo’ moment and we’re not going to apologise for enjoying seeing an absentee MP lose her seat, in fact I’m going to watch it again online for the sheer thrill of it!


Would you trust the Tories with our Parliament?

I think most people in Scotland wouldn’t.  Nor would we have much faith in their Brit Nat pals in the Labour and Lib Dem parties.  After all they didn’t exactly keep to the promises they made in their infamous vow during the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

scottish parliamentYet according to most of the mainstream media (and especially the Tory propaganda machine formerly known as the BBC), we are to believe it’s only Nicola Sturgeon’s intransigence that has stopped her signing a deal which will see Westminster take control of powers which should be reserved to the Scottish Parliament – and only for seven years!  Aye Right!

Apparently because the Welsh First Minister has caved in and agreed (while strangely announcing his retirement only a few days earlier) the Scots should do likewise.  All the press coverage was on the SNP refusing to agree terms and not why was Westminster westminsterwanting take away our Parliament’s powers.  The pending retirement of the Welsh First Minister also seemed to come out of nowhere – was he pushed?  I suppose we’ll only find out once he releases his biography, but there is some speculation on why his Labour party have agreed to all the demands made by Theresa May’s Tory Government.

Many of us believe that the current Scottish Parliament is inadequate and doesn’t have the full powers necessary to transform Scotland into a vibrant and fairer society so why should we give up what limited powers we have!  After all didn’t all the Brit Nat parties boast about Scotland having the most powerful devolved parliament in the world?

If the Tories get their hands on the powers of the Scottish Parliament then they will ride roughshod over the wishes of the Scottish electorate and try to bring Scotland back into line with Westminster policies.  This could mean:

  • the Scottish countryside opened up for fracking;
  • the right to buy re-introduced;
  • the bedroom tax re-introduced;
  • Police numbers slashed until we end up with a rising crime rate similar to what is happening in England;
  • prescription charges re-introduced (currently £8.60 in England);
  • privatisation of the Scottish NHS;
  • student tuition fees re-introduced (up to £9,000 per year);
  • GMOs allowed in Scottish farming and so on … the list is virtually endless.

Instead of having a Parliament in Scotland defending Scottish policies we will have to rely on 35 SNP MPs plus hopefully 4 Plaid Cymru MPs to somehow overturn the votes of 611 Brit Nat politicians intent on showing the Scots that our Parliament is secondary to Westminster.

The solution is simple.  Independence. Let’s all work to make this happen.