Troll Spotting

It’s that time of year when random SNP politicians are wheeled out to condemn Cybernats for any and every abusive comment made online – as if the SNP is somehow responsible for everyone who supports Scottish Independence.

online-trollsAs usual the media run with the headlines complaining about Cybernats and even though the comments from SNP politicians state that the abuse also comes from BritNats, this is often downplayed or simply ignored.

There is an issue with some of the language used online.  Mainly it’s from people who feel safe to use threatening and abusive language while sitting behind a screen and typing away on a keyboard but are too cowardly to say these words to anyone’s face. There seems to be a disconnect that some people feel being online gives them the freedom to say what they want without any comeback.  Then again, many ‘journalists’ also feel free to write any nonsense they like knowing that few people can afford to take them to court to get a retraction, so it’s a bit much listening to ‘journalists’ moaning about online comments when their day job is to write something to get a reaction.

However, when can we expect the media to start door-stepping BritNat politicians and getting them to complain about the online abuse from their side?  Why hasn’t Ruth Davidson been interviewed to explain the comments made by ‘Brian Spanner’ (notorious BritNat online troll who many suspect is a relatively well known BritNat ‘journalist’)?  If you want to find out more about his abuse go online and check his social media but pay particular attention to who has links with him – it reads like a who’s who of the BritNat establishment in Scotland, from politicians to journalists – yet I can’t remember a national newspaper or the BBC running a story outing this guy? They all know who he is but they ignore his abuse – why?

Another example of BritNat abuse was former Labour councillor, Terry Kelly, who’s blog was full of abuse but he refrained from saying it to anyone’s face because he was worried about their reaction.  In other words he was an online troll and a coward.  Despite reports to both the Labour party and the Standards Commission, nothing was ever done about his online rants.

I’m sure the recent footage from the Glasgow Indy March will have Ruth Davidson, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie demanding to appear on the BBC and in the national media condemning the comments from the BritNat protesters at George Square!  Nah, didn’t think so – as usual they’ll keep their mouths shut and pretend it never happens from their side.

BritNat abuse


DontFeedTheTrolls2It would be nice if everyone could be civil and polite to one another but that’s never going to happen.  It doesn’t happen in real life so why should it happen online.  It may be the price we have to pay for having access to free speech online.  Of course, anything that breaks the law – such as threats to people can be dealt with anyway and should be condemned – but if you want an internet of free expression then we’ll have to put up with some voices that some consider abusive.  The best way to treat a troll – abusive or not – is to simply ignore them, nothing winds them up more than no one listening to or reacting to their comments.

The Imaginary World of Ruth Davidson

In Ruth’s World all reality has been turned upside down.

In Ruth’s World all that is good is really bad.

In Ruth’s World she is a potential First Minister.

bbc-logoIn the same way that television makes instant celebrities of nobodies who feature on tawdry game shows, BBC Scotland has created their own, media-friendly politician.  One who is guaranteed to feature on as many broadcasts as she likes and one which will support the BBC’s hatred of the SNP/ Scotland.  To all intents and purposes Ruth Davidson is a media construct.  Without the unfailing support of the BBC she wouldn’t exist.  In her place would just be another Tory hammering the poor with their evil policies – but not the BBC’s darling Ruth.

RuthDavidson-20160627100050680It’s not that Ruth is a good politician and can hold her own during interviews – she’s never interviewed like any other politician, she’s usually just fed lines like aren’t the SNP bad because …(add whatever cause the BBC are promoting that day) – which she obviously agrees with.  When she is rarely asked a serious question like the one STV threw at her – she is hopeless and unable to rely on her usual prepared script.

Watch this interview via the National here.

Apparently. she can’t name one ting she’s done for Scotland as it would break confidential meetings she has with UK Government ministers – aye right!

This is the women some elements of the mainstream press (especially the BBC) are touting as the next First Minister. There’s more chance of Scotland winning the World Cup!  She is a political fraudster who flip flops on every major decision, one minute she’s for Remain the next she’s calling for Brexit.  Any political comment made by her has a limited shelf life as the commands from London tell her to change her tune again.

Davidson is a fraud, leading a political party which has always used Scotland as a resource to be exploited and little given in return.  This is the woman who supports austerity, supports the bedroom tax, the rape clause, ignores the WASPI women and who changes her tune to suit whatever her paymasters in London tell her.  If she is the best hope for Conservatives in Scotland – or even for the British Nationalists – then great, because she’ll lead them nowhere and when her demise happens it will bring the Tories crashing down even lower.  Take away the free publicity she gets from the mainstream media (particularly her old bosses at the BBC) and you release what an empty vessel she is.  There is nothing genuine about Ruth Davidson except her desire to look after herself and leave the rest of us to rot – another typical Tory.

Can’t see the Wood for the Trees!

The poor state of UK politics can be highlighted in the reactions of the two main Brit Nat parties to their hammering at the local elections in England.

The final tally of results from these elections show that the main pro-Brexit parties were hammered with voters abandoning them in droves.  The Conservatives were the biggest losers with 1,334 councillors lost as well as control of 44 councils, Labour lost 82 councillors and control of 6 councils while UKIP lost 145 councillors.  All these parties are advocating Brexit but it seemed the voters reacted to that by ditching their candidates.  On the other hand the Lib Dems gained 703 councillors and control of 10 councils while the Greens gained 194 councillors.  Both these parties are unequivocally pro-EU.

There were also 612 Independent councillors elected but as they represented a range of views its difficult to extrapolate how the election of these councillors can feed into the Brexit debate.

Of course, there are many reasons why people vote for one candidate over another.  There is also the common problem of voters basing their decision on national rather than local issues – this has always been a problem for local elections where it is difficult for local candidates to get their message across compared to the mainstream media’s obsession with national figures and issues.

However, from the results it is clear that parties supporting Brexit got hammered and those supporting the EU won significant gains.  In any normal country this would be an indication that the public is turning against Brexit and it’s time to think again about this decisive issue.  But in the UK that’s not the case.  Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are claiming voters turned against them because they weren’t pro-Brexit enough!  They both claimed that the results showed they have to make Brexit happen faster rather than apply the brakes and look again at this issue. This really is a case of the lunatics taking over the asylum – you don’t like my policy so I’m going to force it through faster – they both appear to be thinking!

Scotland has an opportunity of escaping from this madhouse and that’s by grabbing independence.  Another benefit of Independence is we get away from the liars in British politics (well at least some of them) such as Boris Johnston – the MP most Tories want as their next leader and our Prime Minister.  Bumbling Boris has a habit of making a fool of himself but this time he tweeted that he’d already voted in the local elections and encouraged others to get out and vote.  Very admirable until you realise he stays in London and there were no local elections in London! The tweet was swiftly removed but, as usual, someone grabbed a copy of it.  You have to ask yourself if Boris can so easily lie about voting in a non-existent election what else is he capable of lying about?  It’s difficult to understand why this clown hasn’t been kicked out of Parliament for his lies, maybe that’s a reflection on the UK Parliament, the UK media or simply UK politics in general.

Don’t trust Labour on devolution

Power devolved is power retained – or so the old saying goes.  The UK Government can always over-rule a devolved government, forcing them to do as they want rather than want the members of the devolved parliament prefer.

79refThe British Labour Party is a reluctant supporter of devolution, it was their MPs who, in 1979, created the 40% rule which effectively killed off the devolved Scottish Parliament which Labour has promised to create.  The 40% rule – where 40% of the electorate had to vote in favour of devolution – had never been used before or since.  This was at a time when the electoral rolls were not as up to date as they currently are and it was accepted that the 1979 referenduminformation they contained could be as much as 18 months out of date.  This meant, for instance, that people who had died but hadn’t yet been removed from the electoral roll were effectively counted as ‘No’ voters – making the 40% target a very difficult one to reach.

When Scotland did eventually win its devolved Parliament, Labour insisted we didn’t scotexecemb1have a government – we had an ‘Executive’, a very bland description of the body of MSPs who were charged with the responsibility for a whole host of public services.  Labour’s record (supported by their Lib Dem lapdogs) was unambitious.  Everyone knew of the housing problems following the destruction of council housing via the ‘Right to Buy’ policy but Labour’s reaction was to build a grand total of 6 council houses across Scotland in their last four years in power!  The only thing they excelled in was dumping massive debts on the Scottish ‘Executive’ via their dodgy PFI scam, resulting in around £30 billion of debt as councils and the NHS had to pay exorbitant rates for new public buildings.  For instance, £100 million worth of new schools in Renfrewshire will cost the council tax payers in Renfrewshire over £530 million when the contract eventually finishes.

Labour don’t want a powerful Scottish Parliament; they don’t want devolution to work as it only highlights that decisions made in Scotland are better for the people of Scotland.  Let’s not forget it was a former Labour Minister, Lord Foulkes, who complained that the SNP Scottish Government were deliberately making public services in Scotland ‘manifestly better than south of the border’.

scotgov logo

Labour only want to create a feeble Scottish Parliament that is used to offset what they don’t like coming out of Westminster – even though their own MPs don’t do enough to criticise or even vote against such policies!  Why vote when you can abstain appears to be the motto of Labour under Corbybn!

Even though Corbyn recently echoed the comments of a UN investigator who said that, “it is outrageous that devolved administrations need to spend resources to shield people from (UK) government policies” that hasn’t stopped a Labour MSP from claiming (wrongly) that the SNP Scottish Government could mitigate the rape clause. Instead of attacking the Tories for introducing such changes, Labour decide to use this appalling legislation to attack the SNP.

Labour can never be trusted with our Parliament again and their constant bickering about mitigating Tory cuts should only serve as a reminder of just how useless this political party has become.

Three Strikes and you’re out!


Or the Prime Minister Theresa May should be, but she’s still hanging on in (so far).

But the time is up. Not just for Theresa May and trying to save the UK from itself over Brexit. Theresa May has had her third knock back in a row from the House of Commons and it’s clear her Brexit deal will never be passed. The MPs in the House of Commons are split and can’t find any alternative solution that they can all agree on. They have run out of time – mainly because Theresa May was allowed to run down the clock, aided and abetted by Jeremy Corbyn and his ineffectual opposition.

It’s now clear that the UK is heading for a no deal Brexit despite all the dangers it brings to the economy, jobs and even supplies of basic foodstuffs and essential medicines. The UK is unwilling to be saved from itself, it’s time we walked away. I’m sorry for those in other parts of the UK who don’t have any other option, but we do.

That option is Independence.

We are all aware of the ramifications of a no deal Brexit so preparations must be made now for the people of Scotland to assert their desire for Independence. That can either be with another referendum or by having it as the main (or perhaps only) item on the SNP’s manifesto if another snap general election is called.

It’s time we stopped interfering in the politics of the UK and focus on the future for Scotland.

Indy nothing less dark


Yet more evidence of the Rigged EU Referendum

The Electoral Commission has fined the Vote Leave campaign £40,000 for sending out around 200,000 unsolicited text messages.  Vote Leave claimed they had the relevant permission but destroyed them after the referendum.  What a load of nonsense, every campaigner knows you have to keep records for a certain period of time and Vote Leave either ignored that or simply didn’t have permission to send out these text messages.

This is the latest in the long saga of electoral laws broken by the Leave Campaign.  From ignoring electoral laws to dodgy donations, this campaign team has managed to subvert the rules whenever they felt like it and are only now getting a small slap on the wrist!

It is clear that the EU Referendum was flawed, it was riddled with cheating yet UK politicians like Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn insist the result must be respected!  Any normal democracy would have cancelled the result of the referendum and held a full public enquiry into how a referendum could so easily be manipulated.

By allowing the decision of this referendum to stand the British establishment is clearly saying we don’t care if you cheat in a vote – as long as we get the result we want.

The only hope for Scotland is we get -and WIN – a new Independence Referendum as soon as possible.  There is no democracy in the UK.

It’s Still Scotland’s Oil

chancellorThe condescending comments by the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond that ‘Scotland gets its fair share, and precious little thanks we get for it’ are appalling but they highlight the mentality of the British Government.

Thanks to the National a lot more Scots are aware of the lost generation of Scots who were robbed of the investment that our extensive oil and gas resources could have generated.  The McCrone Report clearly shows that successive Labour and Tory Governments connived to keep the truth of the extent of Scotland’s natural resources from the Scottish people.  Instead they claimed such resources were worthless and were running out anyway; simply lying to the electorate to keep our resources to prop up a failing UK economy.

thatcher oilAnyone who has read the McCrone Report will be aware of just how much Scotland has lost out on and how the two main British political parties worked to deny a generation of Scots the benefits of our natural resources.

Yet instead of an apology we’re treated to comments like that of the Chancellor – as if we’ve to be grateful for them hoovering up all our resources and then flicking a few crumbs in our direction!

It’s good to see in today’s National ( that former Scottish Office statistician Jim Cuthbert is calling for an Independent Scotland to get compensation from the UK Government for £100 billion worth of misappropriated oil revenues.

“Securing adequate resources to back a new Scottish currency will be critical. In this context, the question of compensation for the oil revenues which were effectively misappropriated by Westminster has to be addressed,” Jim Cuthbert

scotlands oilWe need to use this line to highlight to those that are currently undecided how much we have all been lied to by successive UK Governments.  The publication of the McCrone Report will help but not everyone will take the time to read it, but if we can highlight its relevance through our demand for compensation then let’s do it.

Let’s not waste any more resources, time or energy waiting for the UK to treat Scotland as an equal partner – it’s time we demand our independence.



… and for those who do want to read the McCrone Report – simply click the link below:


Brexit End Game

Image result for brexitThis week – assuming the Prime Minister doesn’t pull another stunt – will see the final votes on Brexit. The Prime Minister has failed to convince/ bully/ bribe (delete as appropriate) a sufficient number of MPs to back her deal.  If she sticks to her promises (there’s always a first time) we could end up seeing a number of votes that could see a ‘No-deal Brexit’ ruled out and potentially an extension to Article 50 – giving the Westminster Parliament more time to come up with a deal (or even scrap the whole stupid idea). Of course, the EU would only sanction an extension if they felt there would be a significant change and something positive would happen other than the usual dithering and back-tracking we’ve seen from the Tory Government ever since the EU referendum.

The Brexit zealots are getting agitated, shouting about respecting the will of the people – yet they’re too afraid to test the current will of the people with a second referendum.  The people have spoken – or so the Brexiteers claim, as they look for other ways to protect themselves (and to hell with the rest of us).

Yet we all know that the referendum was a fraud. The Brexiteers broke just about every Image result for election fraudelectoral rule they could think of, including dodgy donations and busting campaign spending limits. But apparently anyone who complains is merely a sore loser! As is typical in the dodgy democracy called Britain – the rich get away with it, only some minor hireling is being prosecuted to make people think that the legal system works. And let’s not forget that the referendum was only an advisory referendum and the result did not have to be implemented. Yet the Tories went head first into Brexit without working out how it could be done and what the consequences would be. We’ve already seen companies closing down and moving their European headquarters out of the UK, ironically including EY (formerly Ernst & Young) who are the UK Government’s advisers on Brexit!

But it’s not just the rich Brexit backers and the Tories to blame for this. Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition – aka the Labour Party – have managed to let the Tories off the hook as they are too busy fighting with one another. Labour MPs spend most of their time sitting on their hands in Parliament, abstaining from one vote to another – including a recent SNP motion which would have stopped a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Yet up pops Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell saying Labour will oppose a No Deal Brexit – but somehow they couldn’t support it last week, simply because it came from the SNP. McDonnell really is turning out to be as useless as Corbyn. Any half competent official opposition could have made mincemeat out of the current Tory Government but Labour MPs prefer to turn their fire on themselves, resulting in the breakaway New Independent Group. The fact that half a dozen or so former Labour MPs could so easily merge with former Tory MPs highlights how ideologically close these two parties have become.

It’s clear that Scotland’s interests are not being served by the failed politics of the UK. Our future as part of a post Brexit UK will be to provide our oil, gas and other resources to support a failing economy. Our resources will be drained as the UK tries to make deals with any nation that will speak to it. We know from the McCrone Report that a generation of Scots were cheated out of the oil wealth that could have transformed Scotland into an extremely rich nation. Instead we got the Winter of Discontent followed by Thatcherism, Blairism and now Brexit.

Image result for winter of discontentImage result for thatcher and blairImage result for brexit

Scotland, and the people of Scotland deserve so much more. Don’t let our resources be squandered again, let’s use our assets to build a stronger yet fairer Scotland, one where people don’t have to rely on foodbanks to feed themselves and their families. Let’s launch the Independence Lifeboat and start rowing to safety now.

SNP Civil War 2: MSM Lies continue

Last year the mainstream media, led by BBC ‘Scotland’ decided that there was a Civil War within the SNP. They tried desperately to construct this story, looking under every rock to find something, anything to prove their theory.  Unfortunately for them they faced ridicule across social media as SNP members and supporters started to take the piss out of the Civil War claims.  We heard rumours of SNP branches holding out against their foes, stacked up with original recipe Irn Bru and awaiting fresh supplies of tablet to keep their troops fighting fit!  The SNP Civil War posts got longer and more hilarious as the MSM journalists struggled to make anyone believe their fantasy claims.  Eventually they dropped the ‘civil war’ comments.

However, on Sunday 13th January Sarah Smith (the BBC’s Scotland Editor and daughter of former Labour leader John Smith) tried to start the SNP Civil War story all over again. Using no more proof than the last time the BBC launched into another SNP bad story as the last vestiges of credibility and journalistic integrity at the BBC quietly sank into the Clyde outside the BBC offices at Pacific Quay.

Both Civil War claims arose by the decision of senior civil servants within the Scottish Government to investigate alleged sexual harassment claims against former First Minister Alex Salmond; claims that he strenuously denies. The case brought forward by the civil servants spectacularly failed at Scotland’s Court of Session on Tuesday 8th January when it was revealed that the civil service had breached its own guidelines by appointing an investigating officer who had prior involvement in the case (some reports imply she encouraged the complainants to submit a complaint).  The comments from the Judge in this case were particularly scathing, stating that the civil servant’s actions had been ‘unlawful in respect that they were procedurally unfair’ and had been ‘tainted with apparent bias’.

There is still an outstanding police investigation on the claims but the role of the senior civil servants involved in this case, particularly the Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans, certainly raise concerns over her abilities.  The legal costs alone have been estimated to be anything between £350,000 to £500,00 – add in staff time etc and the final bill will certainly exceed £1 million.  That is £1 million that will be denied to the NHS, local councils and other public services which are all desperate for investment.  Who else gets to waste £1 million and retain their job?  There is also the question of who leaked the original story to the Daily Record -as expected the civil service investigated this and cleared themselves of any blame!  Salmond has quite rightly asked the Information Commissioner’s Office to investigate this – so there may be more bad news coming to the civil service in Scotland.

This whole sorry saga seems to be an indication of civil servants acting with impunity and a thorough independent investigation into the whole case needs to be carried out to find out if there was any truth to the allegations and whether senior civil servants have abused their powers to target a former First Minister, using the press to spread malicious stories and undermine his credibility.  It goes without saying that the civil service shouldn’t be involved in such an investigation.

There have been some interesting articles on this issue with the most surprising support for Alex Salmond coming from Labour activist Ian Smart.

ian smart blog

Iain McWhirter produced an excellent article on the issue:

mcwhirter salmond

Former UK Diplomat Craig Murray also had some interesting points to make:

craigmurray salmond

The CaltonJock blog also raises some points:

caltonjock salmond

And this other blog took the opportunity to raise some background information on Leslie Evans:

evans and vac


i-survivedd-the-civil-war-yellow-416x234And Finally, one benefit of the SNP Civil War is the enterprising move by the people behind the Scots Independent newspaper who have been selling ‘I survived the SNP Civil War’ mugs.  These are an essential memento of the SNP civil war and can be ordered online at:



Are you talking to me?

There is a very interesting blog on the Random Public Journal called, “Quit talking to the BBC” that is definitely worth reading.

Quit talking to the BBCThis blog examines the historic role and mission of the BBC and how this relates to the way this organisation frames any political debate that is counter to the BBC’s support for the British establishment.  Instead of reading my views on it why not click the link here: and read it for yourself.