BBC still manipulating the news

BBC Scotland’s Sarah Smith highlighted yet again why journalists are so poorly trusted within Scotland. Her attempts to smear the First Minister by saying (twice apparently) that Nicola Sturgeon was ‘enjoying’ the pandemic as she could set her own lockdown rules, different from the rest of the UK.  Of course, as the First Minister pointed out she 99130323_2667394680165167_5260931034580516864_oisn’t enjoying or embracing the daily delivery of the number of people dying from coronavirus. To suggest so is lamentable. It really says more of Sarah Smith than it does of anyone else. The First Minister – in complete contrast to the waste of space currently residing in a fridge in 10 Downing Street – has shown true leadership, presenting almost every coronavirus briefing while Boris Johnson has barely been seen, leaving his duties to an array of talentless, lying, failed spin merchants (also known as the Tory Government).

And as for the nonsense of Scotland going its own way, anyone who has paid attention – which obviously excludes the BBC’s Sarah Smith- would realise that it is the Tory 98174159_3520732824606931_2509946177311473664_nGovernment who have taken England on a different route from the rest of the UK nations. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all following the Stay at Home message while England hasn’t a clue what it’s doing thanks to Boris Johnson’s incoherent ramblings. Apparently, people in England have to Stay Alert – as if keeping an eye out for an invisible virus will ensure their safety!

To compound matters, Smith then tries the tired old non-apology routine. In true BritNat journalist style, she never apologises in the same manner her insult was made – i.e. live on the ten o’clock news. Instead she releases a couple of tweets which coincidentally allows her to repeat her accusations, ensuring that anyone who missed the initial broadcast will see Smith’s claims, and of course all the search engines online will associate the First Minister with ‘enjoying the lockdown’.

Quite rightly the First Minister said to her the matter is closed, she has more important things to think about but that gave the BBC the excuse they needed to shut down all the complaints against Smith. The only way to treat the BBC is to stop paying the TV licence. You shouldn’t pay to be lied to. The BBC has a long history of manipulating the news to suit the establishment’s political agenda – it is not an unbiased source of news. Go online and watch London Calling to see the devious tactics the BBC used during the Scottish Independence campaign in 2014.

Just as I was typing this up, I see that the UK newspaper industry are using the current crisis to hide their circulation figures. Maybe a wee peak at Wings Over Scotland will reveal the true crisis within the newspaper industry which was developing long before someone order a bat sandwich from a Wuhan takeaway! With lockdown many newspapers are suffering, people have realised getting a daily paper isn’t so important in times of crisis. If this habit has been broken, why would anyone go back to picking up a newspaper once lockdown is over?

After all, there are more credible sources online – whether that’s Wings Over Scotland, Wee Ginger Dug, Independence Live or many other websites, so why return to the printed press (unless it’s the National or the Scots Independent of course)?

Lives matter more than share prices.

Hundreds, if not a thousand and more, people are dying everyday due to Coronavirus (Covid -19). The inadequate response from the UK Government who initially wanted to get ‘herd immunity’ to this virus by risking thousands of lives has been responsible for many of the deaths we are now seeing. It quite telling that one of the first actions taken by Johnson’s Government was to bring in PR advisers to try to spin their way out of the mess they have created.

Of course, the ever supine and spineless UK mainstream media are doing their bit to deflect any criticism of the government they helped to foist on the gullible voters of England. Until there is a clear resolution for actually tackling this virus and for eventually taking on board the demands of real experts such as the WHO there should be no talk of removing the lockdown to get the economy moving.

Lives matter more than share prices.

The latest intervention by the new Labour leader calling for details on how to get the economy started highlights that he is just another red tory more interested in profits than lives.

The UK Government has been found wanting during this whole crisis, thinking that repeatedly lying will get them off the hook. They defunded the NHS in an effort to sell it off, they have risked the lives of those who care for us when we need it most – in the NHS and care setting – as well as all the other essential workers who have found promises of PPE nothing more than a series of lies.
The UK will have one of the biggest death tolls from this virus simply because the Johnson Government doesn’t value the lives of ordinary people. We need a realistic plan on how to tackle the virus before we can even think of lifting the lockdown.

The Callous Prime Minister

It comes as no surprise that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, doesn’t give a damn about anyone else but his comments on the coronavirus really do sum up what a self-centred, callous individual he really is.

Despite almost every other country facing the threat of coronavirus quickly going into a shutdown, Johnson is happy to take his time before deciding to act.  He even suggested 88965955_4209833309034191_1563464586479271936_non ‘This Morning’ that one possible theory would be to ‘take it on the chin’ and allow the disease to spread through the population. Obviously, he is more concerned about the impact the virus will have on the stock market than the impact it will have on the public.  He even followed this up with a warning that the public should prepare ‘to lose loved ones before their time”, contrast this with the statement from the current Irish Taoiseach , Leo Varadkar, who instead said ‘Together we can save many lives’. While Ireland try to protect lives, the useless, ineffectual Tories simply warn us to expect many deaths.89229238_231664071561841_2046673880730304512_n

88416923_1416307238542382_5989909666157559808_nOf course, Johnson found some support for his views from the right-wing Telegraph newspaper where one of their senior journalists stated that the coronavirus might be beneficial to the economy by culling elderly dependents.  I hope the mainly elderly Tory voters are paying attention! Do elderly voters who backed the No campaign in 2014 still feel safer with the UK?  Your vote not only maintained your access to the worst pension of any developed country but also now singles you are as acceptable losses to be sacrificed to protect the stock market.

No doubt Jacob Rees-Mogg is currently dusting down his father’s book on how to make 89212049_2834468289977174_5814735731318325248_nmoney out of a crisis – finding another way to profit from other people’s misery.  He won’t be alone.  There is a high number of Tory MPs and Ministers with shares in private medicine and they will all be rubbing their hands in glee at Johnson agreeing to pay out £2.4 million per day to use beds in private hospitals.  Typical Tory – a national emergency and they see a way to boost the profits of private medicine (and the share value at the same time) instead of simply requisitioning them as required and worry about payment later.

Johnson has been slow to react to this crisis because he hasn’t a clue what to do.  When the public is looking for information and reassurance his bluster and buffoonery just won’t do.  His ambition was to be Prime Minister but now he has the keys to No.10 Downing Street he hasn’t a clue what to do.  Of course, he’s also really just waiting for his handler – Dominic Cummings – to tell him what his masters in the city want.  Killing off thousands of mainly elderly or vulnerable people would always be their choice if it meant keeping the value of their shares high. That’s why Johnson and his cronies were so angry when Nicola Sturgeon announced her plan to block gatherings of 500 or more people.  It made Johnson look weak and he’s now probably going to have to follow her lead.

90267097_1090443804671574_8027350251964727296_oWith extremely low Statutory Sick Pay, a lot of people are going to risk going to work and potentially further spreading this virus. Too many people are stuck in the gig economy, on minimum pay or zero hours contracts – they can’t just take time off, they have too many bills to pay.  Of course, other countries can find a way of supporting not just businesses but also their local population; whether that’s stopping mortgage payments or other bills.  The Tory government won’t want to give out money to the public but their friends in businesses are already lining up with their hands out – not least Richard Branson and his Virgin Empire looking for £7.5 billion for the airline industry. Apparently, capitalism only works when they screw the public over with high fares and then get government handouts when there’s a danger to their inflated profits.89587159_1893287214136367_116775663947481088_o

The crisis shows yet again that we need the powers of an independent country, one that can co-operate with its neighbours, one that can protect all its people and not just the mega-rich.  It’s time to self-isolate ourselves from the Tories and Westminster rule.

The Unelected Prime Minister

BRITAIN-EU-BREXIT-POLITICSThe brutal sacking of Savid Javid as the Chancellor of the Exchequer highlights the power that resides with the Prime Minister’s special adviser Dominic Cummings.

He had already crossed swords with Javid when he sacked one of his treasury advisers, Sonia Khan, and had her unceremoniously escorted out of the building by police officers.  And as if to underline the move the media were well placed to observe this and report on the power struggle within the top of the Tory government. However it looks like this might come back to haunt him according to this report in the Guardian.

It was clear that although Javid thought he may have had a good working relationship with Boris Johnson, he clearly wasn’t liked by Cummings.  This was underlined by Cummings referring to him as ‘Chino’ – Chancellor In Name Only!

cummings johnsonCummings was hired as Boris Johnson’s special adviser but it seems he is the real power behind no.10; wandering in whenever it suits him, making diktats and bullying his way through cabinet ministers and civil servants alike.  Fresh from his ‘victory’ leading the Vote Leave campaign – with all the lies, smears and disinformation that drove that campaign, Cummings was quickly installed as the main player behind (or driving) Johnson.  Despite breaking electoral spending laws and being held in contempt of Parliament, Boris Johnson simply didn’t care what others thought of Cummings being appointed his special adviser.  With previous stints as an adviser to both Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove, Cummings was well aware of the how the Conservative party worked.

On the day of the cabinet reshuffle Javid walked into 10 Downing Street believing his position was secure as Chancellor, it was but only if he became the puppet of no.10 – and Cummings.  Given the option of sacking all his advisers and being seen as a mere figurehead (or Chino) at the Treasury, Javid decided enough was enough and resigned.  It was a classic piece of political manoeuvrings by Cummings getting himself rid of a Chancellor by totally undermining his position and credibility.  However it also places a huge question mark on the incoming Chancellor – everyone now knows that it’s No.10 (and Cummings) who control the Treasury.

How dare you be happy!

The BritNat media really do know how to work themselves into a lather over any little thing!  Their latest outburst was over the reaction of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP when the SNP’s Amy Callaghan won her election in East Dunbartonshire.  Amy had come from behind to beat the sitting MP who also happened to be the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson.  Normally you would expect a political party to throw its whole weight behind its leader, to ensure that they win, so this would have made it an even tougher battle for Amy, irrespective of how close the gap may have been between the parties at the start of the election campaign.


However, as Jo Swinson found to her cost, the advantage of constant TV coverage started to work against her as the voters started to realise just how bad a candidate she was. Every time she appeared on a leaders debate her approval rating plummeted.  The fake accent, the phoney bar graphs and the outright lies of being the largest remain party started to take its toll.  Add in the reminder of the LibDems propping up David Cameron’s Tory Government along with the bedroom tax, the rape clause and constant austerity saw Lib Dem support fall rapidly.

Is it any surprise that the leader of a political party would celebrate one of their candidates winning an election – especially if this victory wasn’t expected?  Of course not, its entirely natural.  If the media were upset about Sturgeon’s reaction then I would hate for them to realise the reaction across the rest of Scotland where there were massive celebrations about Swinson losing!

It may also be worth remembering the reactions of BritNats when Alex Salmond, Angus Robertson and co lost their seats in 2017.  Was there any condemnation of BritNat politicians by the media? was there hell!  They joined in with the BritNat celebrations. The same happened in 2014 after the Scottish Independence Referendum.

So if the BritNat media are concerned about a party leader celebrating a great victory tell them to get stuffed. Its just another typical two-faced attack on the SNP and Scottish Independence Movement by the hypocritical BritNat media.  The vast majority of Scottish voters – and not only independence supporters – enjoyed seeing Swinson fail, it was our Scottish ‘Portillo’ moment and we’re not going to apologise for enjoying seeing an absentee MP lose her seat, in fact I’m going to watch it again online for the sheer thrill of it!


They just can’t stop lying!

So, in a poor campaign where Boris has hidden from scrutiny whenever he can, including hiding from Andrew Neil and even running away from an event where 5 protesters were in attendance., things got even worse yesterday and today.


Questioned by an ITV reporter about claims of a four-year-old boy lying on coats on a hospital floor in Leeds as there were no beds or even trolleys available, Boris panicked.  Initially he tried to talk over the reporter and bluster about Brexit and how everything will be sorted once Brexit is ‘done’.  When that didn’t work, he grabbed the reporter’s phone, which he was using to show Boris the photo, and stuffed it into his own pocket and walked away.


When his media team realised what was happening an instruction went out to the English Health Secretary to visit the hospital in Leeds and sort it out.  When the Health Minister left the hospital a handful of protesters were shouting at him, one of whom was gesticulating towards the Minister’s car as one of the Ministerial aides walked into this waving hand.

The Tories then had their cue for changing the story.

76944508_1501471693324450_820224662024749056_oInstead of outrage at the poor treatment of the 4-year-old boy, the story was spun that while the Health Minister was trying to sort out the problem his aide was struck (or some stories said punched) by a ‘Labour’ protester.  Right on cue the chief Tory propagandist Laura Kuenssberg repeated the Tory claim without checking any facts and her twitter feed echoed the Tory claim.  Then Peston of ITV followed in line and repeated the same unsubstantiated claims.  These two – Kuensberg and Peston – are meant to be the best political journalists of the BBC and ITV but here they are wilfully repeating a Tory lie without any fact checking whatsoever!  How can they claim to be journalists, let along political journalists, if they simply act as an echo chamber for a political party?  This is not the practice of real journalists; this is the practice of public relations acting on behalf of an interested party.

Then when videos started appearing online both Kuenssberg and Peston realised that they had been lied to and were being played by the Tories to set up a new spin on this story. No longer was the poor healthcare the issue, it was about the thuggish behaviour of Labour supporters.  But the videos showed no punch, no assault, simply a ministerial aide not looking where he was going.  Eventually both Keunssberg and Peston retracted their tweets and apologised for misleading the public (although not much of an apology from Kuenssberg).  Why did they not realise the Tories were lying, why don’t the release the names of the Tories who tried to spin their way out of this issue, who else are they protecting?

And just when you thought the Tories couldn’t get any lower, out come the ‘bots’ with the same story repeated across numerous twitter and facebook pages, alleging the original story was made up by the 4 year olds mother!  These people have no shame – instead of addressing the original issue of a lack of healthcare facilities, they spin until everyone is dizzy, creating confusion and hoping no one will remember the real story or trust anyone involved in the whole affair.  However, the fact the hospital apologised to the child’s parents should be enough to prove the story was true and everything else has been the Tories using every dirty trick they can think of to distract people concerned about the failing NHS in England. It is to their eternal shame that Kuenssberg and Peston were so easily caught up in this fiasco. It is actually almost unbelievable that they could so easily believe a couple of Tory spin doctors that you have to question whether they knew the truth to begin with and were wilfully using their positions to help the Tories out. After all, Kuenssberg has definitely got history for this.


Just another Greedy Tory

p07lxmp7Ruth Davidson got her pals in the media to try to scam the public into believing she was a different type of Tory. They pushed the line that she was the saviour of the Tory party managing to get their support in Scotland up to around the level of Thatcher (i.e. not very much at all), the workings of the proportional representation system helped them achieve more MSPs (but still some got elected with ridiculously low constituency votes – Annie Wells?) and of course she was the Boris sceptic – voting for every other candidate than the blond buffoon and each time she backed them they fell out of the leadership race. She was meant to be a new type of Tory a working mum resigning from the party’s leadership to concentrate on her new born baby.

CiDFootWsAQ-KsVWhat a crock of shit!

Her political achievements were more about dodgy fake news than actual political change. She ended up with 13 MPs who ignored her – so much for her leadership. She barely does any constituency work – stuck on either 1 or 2 surgeries since being elected. She had to resign as leader as Boris treated her with the same contempt as her MPs and it was clear that her political career had hit the buffers. If she had remained leader during the next general election she would have struggled to get her media pals to explain away why she lost all the Tory MPs in Scotland (according to most polls). And of course, standing down to spend time with her family was just an excuse to get more time building up her bank balance with a £50,000 PR job for only 24 days work per year. She has always been and will always be a political fraudster.

The complaints about her outside earnings are not just about the obscene amount of money she will earn as both an MSP and a PR advisor. It’s really about the damage she is doing to the credibility of all politicians, MSPs and the Scottish Parliament. Scotland’s Parliament was meant to be different from the archaic Westminster, it was meant to represent all the people of Scotland. It wasn’t meant to be like Westminster where PR advisors roam the corridors of power with parliamentary passes – getting to meet and ‘persuade’ politicians on a daily basis and with an open cheque book. Not that long ago the Scottish Parliament tried to tighten up its rules on lobbying.

NINTCHDBPICT000516902407The parliament is for everyone not just those with the deepest pockets. There should be a clear distance between PR advisors and politicians. Davidson has smashed that pretence. She wants to openly play both sides – an MSP who will try to buy favour from her colleagues to support the political aims of her PR customers. If she ever held another surgery for her constituents should they expect to turn up with a cheque book/ bank card and pay for her services to represent them? There is a place for lobbying within any parliamentary system – charities and community groups do it to ensure new legislation is fit for purpose – similarly businesses and individuals do it to make sure legislation supports their aims. However, Davidson has crossed the line. We’re back to the worst excesses of the Westminster system – she has now signalled she is up for sale to the highest bidder. Her PR skills and media pals will have to work hard to limit the damage to her reputation through her greed. If anything it should put off potential PR customers – showing just how inept she really is.

When it all comes down to it Ruth Davidson is just another greedy Tory looking to line her own pockets at the expense of her constituents. Don’t wait for her resignation start campaigning to kick her out of Parliament.

The same lies every year….

It’s groundhog day again – that time of year when the UK Government release the GERS figures (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) proclaiming that Scotland has a black hole in its finances. In reality these made up figures are simply a propaganda tool by the UK Government to make Scots think they can’t run their own country.

Each year the GERS figures will show how Scotland has a black hole in its economy and the dutiful BBC and the rest of the mainstream media will repeat this comment endlessly hoping it will strike a blow against Scottish Independence. However, the GERS figures are seriously flawed and its time the Scottish Government fought back.

So, what’s wrong with GERS?
Just about everything. The whole idea of GERS was to make Independence seem unattractive – try to make the Scottish people believe that they rely on subsidies and couldn’t run their own country. GERS was conceived as a political and propaganda tool with the figures behind GERS being manipulated to meet the required outcome.

Missing figures and added costs
Missing from Scotland’s figures are all the revenue from our oil fields – apparently the UK Treasury is unable to allocate these to a specific geographic region!  Also any Scottish goods which are exported from England do not appear as Scottish exports. Then on the other side of the equation, Scotland is given a pro-rata share of the costs of projects which will not benefit Scotland – i.e HS2 etc.

GERS relates only to Scotland within UK
The GERS figures relate to Scotland as part of the UK – in other words, under the current constitutional arrangements – with the UK retaining all the key economic levers, the UK Government estimate that Scotland has a gap in its funding. So, after over 300 years in this union – Scotland, a country rich with natural assets including oil, gas, water etc – still requires additional funding. If anything the GERS figures should be seen as a failure of the UK Government. How can a country like Scotland, so rich in natural resources, still require a subsidy? Clearly someone in the Treasury isn’t very good at their job. Of course, it’s worth remembering that according to UK records, India recorded a deficit for every year of the 180 years it was under British rule. During the same period it’s been estimated that Britain extracted £44 trillion of wealth from India! The UK Government was lying to India – it’s certainly lying to Scotland.

It’s also been reported that Scotland has a £12.6billion deficit and Wales has a £13.7billion deficit. The total UK deficit is allegedly £23.5billion! Are we really to believe that the rest of the UK (England and Northern Ireland) have no deficit?
If this deficit was anywhere near the truth why would the UK Government want to hold onto Scotland? They won’t even pay for a spare bedroom for those on benefits so why the hell would they support a country which they claim requires so much subsidy?

Former BBC Journalist Derek Bateman explains:

bateman gers

The GERS figures should not be taken as a serious assessment of the economy of Scotland. It is only a propaganda tool used by BritNats to claim Scotland couldn’t afford Independence. The GERS figures do not, in any way, relate to how an Independent Scotland would manage its economy.

Treat these figures with the contempt they deserve.

The other Leadership election …

The bookies were right – Jo Swinson MP has become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, beating off Sir Ed Davey for the role.

This leadership election was obviously overshadowed by the Conservative leadership contest and as one of the minor political parties in both the UK and Scottish Parliaments there is currently a limit to the impact this party could make although that may change soon.

As the fourth largest political party in Westminster, the Lib Dem’s 12 MPs could prove crucial for a new Tory Prime Minister – whether a new general election takes place or not.  The only constant about the Lib Dems is their desire to jump into Ministerial Mondeos – despite being slaughtered at the polls for being the Tory coalition partners in the past, Jo Swinson has indicated it’s a role she’s willing to take again.  She’s made it clear that the only party she’ll work with in Westminster is the Tories.  That’s hardly surprising when you see her voting record – to all intents and purposes she is a Tory in disguise (and not much of one at that).


And if her voting record isn’t bad enough, let’s not forget her championing the campaign to build a statue for Thatcher!  I don’t think any of this will go down well in Scotland where her party stagnates in fifth place with only 4 MSPs across the whole of Scotland (and potentially down to 3 if they lose the upcoming by election).


It’s true that Swinson did win back her seat from the SNP in 2017 but a lot of questions were raised about the amount of money spent by the Lib Dem campaign, with serious concern that her campaign broke spending guidelines (

Of course, the big question that Swinson has failed to adequately answer is why her party fully supports and campaigns for a 2nd Euro Referendum but are vehemently opposed to a 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum.

A Disunited Kingdom

disunited kingdomThe results from the EU election show a clear political split from Scotland and the rest of the UK (mainly England).  The rise of the Brexit party was halted, while the SNP took a massive 38% of the vote entitling them to 3 MEPs.  This was the highest vote share of any party in Western Europe, the largest ever margin of victory for any party in a Scottish EU election and the first time that any party has held 50% of seats since the introduction of proportional representation in 1999.  The SNP won the vote in 30 out of 32 council areas, coming second in both Orkney and Shetland and even then, increasing their share of the vote. It may not have been the best turnout for an election, although better than previous EU elections, but it is clear the SNP got their vote out.

The biggest loser in Scotland was Labour, losing both their MEP seats, including long serving MEP David Martin, and trailing in at fifth place in the results table with around 9% of the vote.  Apparently, this was Labour’s worst result in Scotland since 1910 – their members must be wondering how long they can keep Richard Leonard as leader, he is ineffectual in the Scottish Parliament, continuously confused between devolved and reserved issues and has obviously overseen a very poor election campaign.

no more referendumsThe Tory campaign – yet again – of making this election an attempt to stop the SNP getting another Independence Referendum failed spectacularly.  Their campaign was such a flop that Ruth Davidson sent out her deputy Jackson Carlaw to do the TV interviews.  Colonel Davidson must be hiding in a bunker greeting to herself after realising that she won’t be the next First Minister of Scotland!  Davidson plastered her own face all over the Tory leaflets endlessly obsessing about Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and an Independence Referendum yet failed to make any inroads, with her party coming in fourth in the results table. If Davidson really believed in what she was saying in her literature then maybe its time for her to admit she was wrong and back a new IndyRef …. nigel-farage-milkshake-1558430783.jpgaye, right – more chance of Nigel Farage walking into a milkshake convention than that ever happening!

Of course, the BBC spent most of the time going on about how great a result this was for Farage and the Brexit Party.  That was to be expected as they’ve been promoting him for years, with only the presenters of Question Time appearing on the show more often than Farage.  However, if you look a bit closer you see that the Brexit party has really just replaced UKIP and gained a few extra percentage points on the vote as well as a few extra MEPs.  A good result for a completely new party – but in reality it was UKIP by another name, the same secret donors (no doubt breaking electoral rules as has happened in the past) and just a few different fascists from before.

In terms of the Leave/ Remain division – it seems that nothing has been cleared up.  The UK is still hopelessly split on the issue and the real danger is that the Tories, fresh from this doing from Farage, will choose a nutter like Boris Johnson who will be desperate for a no-deal Brexit.  Tory members will see this as the only chance to take votes from the Brexit Party. murray nutter

The Brexit impasse will not be resolved in Westminster.  Corbyn will lead his party into further abstentions as the clock ticks away to a no-deal Brexit by the deadline at the end of October.  Time will be limited to do anything else, will the Remainers in Westminster be strong enough to call for and win a second EU referendum? It’s unlikely.  Take into account the time for the Tories to choose a new leader, then it’s the summer recess followed by the autumn recess for the party conferences and that leaves around 4 or 5 weeks for any business to be carried out in Westminster.  That isn’t a lot of time, especially if you have a Prime Minister and an opposition leader who are both happy with a no deal option!

The other story from the EU election which has been dropped since the results came in was the missing EU citizens votes.  Has there been any further investigation into why so many EU citizens were denied their vote?  Was this a deliberate move by the Westminster political establishment, fearing that EU citizens were more likely to vote for Remain parties? Is this just another sign of the corruption in the failing democracy that is the UK?

Whatever happens now, it seems that too many voters in England have swallowed Farage’s crap – they believe he is going to make a difference. Yet the only difference he has made to now has been to inflate his own bank balance.  He is a political fraudster backed by dark money, from people who want to make money from selling off the NHS and other public services, from people who don’t want new EU rules tackling tax havens and money laundering and backed by not just the national press but by the BBC.  Yet again the BBC highlights that it is the true successor to Pravda.

However, in Scotland we have a lifeboat.  We can escape from the madness of Brexit and a UK that is becoming increasingly right wing and isolated from the rest of the world.  We can choose Independence.  It is up to us – Scottish Independence supporters – to make that change happen.  We don’t have to wait for Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP to launch an Independence campaign – we have to do it ourselves and do it now.  Sitting behind keyboards won’t win votes but by talking to your family, friends, neighbours everyone can make that difference. Scotland has a chance to escape the madness but only if we’re already doing the work to make it happen.  Let’s get out there, let’s start chapping doors, holding street stalls, rallies. marches – whatever it takes to persuade more people that the only escape from Brexit is Independence.

Indy nothing less dark