Rewarding Evil

The flawed ‘honours’ system hit a new low this week when it was confirmed that Tory MP and former leader Iain Duncan Smith was given a knighthood.  Duncan Smith was responsible for the shambles that has turned the DWP into one of the cruelest government departments, an organisation which hurts those most in need, an organisation which encourages an aggressive attitude to those who turn to the state for help.  Depending on which sources you use, thousands of people have died after being incorrectly assessed by the DWP as fit for work!  In any other country this would be a scandal and those overseeing such an organisation would be in court to answer for such an abhorrent regime.  But not in Tory Britain, instead the architect of all this misery is rewarded, after all, all those killed off were unlikely to vote Tory!


80588452_1532430283561924_8034640654007009280_n (1)As if attacking the unemployed and the most vulnerable in society weren’t enough, Iain Duncan Smith’s latest political idea is to increase the state pension age to 75 years old.  Irrespective that many working-class people won’t live long enough to reach the pension age, the Tories are looking at how to bring this in. Their usual claims of the strain on the Government’s budget by paying out the state pension are the same old fake news we have come to expect from the Tories. There’s always enough money to cut the taxes for the rich or to bail out the bankers but the never enough for anyone else.   In contrast, France is undergoing a national strike over plans by the French Government to increase the pension age from 62 to 64.  Public support in France for strike action remains high, yet in the UK this would be unheard of.  Then again how many in the UK are aware of what’s happening in France as the BBC continue their blackout of the French strike.

The UK’s ‘Honours’ system is a bad joke, often rewarding senior civil servants and members of the establishment for simply doing their jobs.  Rewarding Iain Duncan Smith for all the misery his policies have caused is an insult to those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, under his policies.

How dare you be happy!

The BritNat media really do know how to work themselves into a lather over any little thing!  Their latest outburst was over the reaction of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP when the SNP’s Amy Callaghan won her election in East Dunbartonshire.  Amy had come from behind to beat the sitting MP who also happened to be the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson.  Normally you would expect a political party to throw its whole weight behind its leader, to ensure that they win, so this would have made it an even tougher battle for Amy, irrespective of how close the gap may have been between the parties at the start of the election campaign.


However, as Jo Swinson found to her cost, the advantage of constant TV coverage started to work against her as the voters started to realise just how bad a candidate she was. Every time she appeared on a leaders debate her approval rating plummeted.  The fake accent, the phoney bar graphs and the outright lies of being the largest remain party started to take its toll.  Add in the reminder of the LibDems propping up David Cameron’s Tory Government along with the bedroom tax, the rape clause and constant austerity saw Lib Dem support fall rapidly.

Is it any surprise that the leader of a political party would celebrate one of their candidates winning an election – especially if this victory wasn’t expected?  Of course not, its entirely natural.  If the media were upset about Sturgeon’s reaction then I would hate for them to realise the reaction across the rest of Scotland where there were massive celebrations about Swinson losing!

It may also be worth remembering the reactions of BritNats when Alex Salmond, Angus Robertson and co lost their seats in 2017.  Was there any condemnation of BritNat politicians by the media? was there hell!  They joined in with the BritNat celebrations. The same happened in 2014 after the Scottish Independence Referendum.

So if the BritNat media are concerned about a party leader celebrating a great victory tell them to get stuffed. Its just another typical two-faced attack on the SNP and Scottish Independence Movement by the hypocritical BritNat media.  The vast majority of Scottish voters – and not only independence supporters – enjoyed seeing Swinson fail, it was our Scottish ‘Portillo’ moment and we’re not going to apologise for enjoying seeing an absentee MP lose her seat, in fact I’m going to watch it again online for the sheer thrill of it!


They just can’t stop lying!

So, in a poor campaign where Boris has hidden from scrutiny whenever he can, including hiding from Andrew Neil and even running away from an event where 5 protesters were in attendance., things got even worse yesterday and today.


Questioned by an ITV reporter about claims of a four-year-old boy lying on coats on a hospital floor in Leeds as there were no beds or even trolleys available, Boris panicked.  Initially he tried to talk over the reporter and bluster about Brexit and how everything will be sorted once Brexit is ‘done’.  When that didn’t work, he grabbed the reporter’s phone, which he was using to show Boris the photo, and stuffed it into his own pocket and walked away.


When his media team realised what was happening an instruction went out to the English Health Secretary to visit the hospital in Leeds and sort it out.  When the Health Minister left the hospital a handful of protesters were shouting at him, one of whom was gesticulating towards the Minister’s car as one of the Ministerial aides walked into this waving hand.

The Tories then had their cue for changing the story.

76944508_1501471693324450_820224662024749056_oInstead of outrage at the poor treatment of the 4-year-old boy, the story was spun that while the Health Minister was trying to sort out the problem his aide was struck (or some stories said punched) by a ‘Labour’ protester.  Right on cue the chief Tory propagandist Laura Kuenssberg repeated the Tory claim without checking any facts and her twitter feed echoed the Tory claim.  Then Peston of ITV followed in line and repeated the same unsubstantiated claims.  These two – Kuensberg and Peston – are meant to be the best political journalists of the BBC and ITV but here they are wilfully repeating a Tory lie without any fact checking whatsoever!  How can they claim to be journalists, let along political journalists, if they simply act as an echo chamber for a political party?  This is not the practice of real journalists; this is the practice of public relations acting on behalf of an interested party.

Then when videos started appearing online both Kuenssberg and Peston realised that they had been lied to and were being played by the Tories to set up a new spin on this story. No longer was the poor healthcare the issue, it was about the thuggish behaviour of Labour supporters.  But the videos showed no punch, no assault, simply a ministerial aide not looking where he was going.  Eventually both Keunssberg and Peston retracted their tweets and apologised for misleading the public (although not much of an apology from Kuenssberg).  Why did they not realise the Tories were lying, why don’t the release the names of the Tories who tried to spin their way out of this issue, who else are they protecting?

And just when you thought the Tories couldn’t get any lower, out come the ‘bots’ with the same story repeated across numerous twitter and facebook pages, alleging the original story was made up by the 4 year olds mother!  These people have no shame – instead of addressing the original issue of a lack of healthcare facilities, they spin until everyone is dizzy, creating confusion and hoping no one will remember the real story or trust anyone involved in the whole affair.  However, the fact the hospital apologised to the child’s parents should be enough to prove the story was true and everything else has been the Tories using every dirty trick they can think of to distract people concerned about the failing NHS in England. It is to their eternal shame that Kuenssberg and Peston were so easily caught up in this fiasco. It is actually almost unbelievable that they could so easily believe a couple of Tory spin doctors that you have to question whether they knew the truth to begin with and were wilfully using their positions to help the Tories out. After all, Kuenssberg has definitely got history for this.


Shhh! Don’t talk about Swinson and the ‘Fracking’ donation

The pressure of the general election is starting to tell on current Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, as she goes running to a Scottish Court to try to block her SNP opponent – Amy Callaghan – from issuing her election address.

Ms Swinson claimed that the £14,000 donation from a director of Warwick Energy – a company which holds licences for fracking – was made in a personal capacity to her constituency office.  She claimed this has nothing to do with her position as leader of the LibDems and her criticism of fracking.  Nothing to see here.  Aye, right!  She’s been found out; she’s panicking that her constituents – who barely see her – will be upset if they find out via an SNP election leaflet that she is being a hypocrite!  The SNP are currently considering appealing the decision by the Court to rule in favour of Swinson – and so they should.

a typical LibDem bar graph

Swinson and the LibDems have a cheek to complain about the accuracy of anyone’s election material considering their long-standing position of attempting to fool voters with their dodgy bar graphs!

The campaign for Jo Swinson has got worse the longer it goes.  Initially she was touting herself as the next Prime Minister, then there was the bloodlust in her eyes as, without hesitation, she jumped at the opportunity to state that she would gladly press the button to launch a nuclear attack.  No time take to consider who the bombs would be aimed at, what could possibly be achieved with nuclear annihilation or even a concern that her constituents (but not her and her family) would be some of the first people targeted in any retaliation. 76714085_10157116104834794_6411005078949330944_n

72192560_2496899610633127_9207132237227622400_nWith the public getting to see the real face of Swinson, the support for her and her party has started to fall.  Ruling out an alliance with Corbyn but not one with Johnson has made people realise the LibDems are simply the Tory b-team – and you can all guess what the ‘b’ stands for. Swinson and the LibDems track record of supporting the Tories – especially the coalition with David Cameron has started to get more publicity and the public (especially in Scotland) aren’t liking what they now see.

So, whatever you do don’t share this or any of the news reports on Ms Swinson alleging that the £14,000 donation to her constituency office from a director of a company which has fracking licences is in anyway dodgy or an attempt to change the LibDem’s apparent opposition to fracking.  After all  if the SNP aren’t allowed to highlight this in their election address then we wouldn’t want all her constituents in East Dunbartonshire finding out about this from any other source!  Would we?




Leaders Debate – I’ve got my letter ready!

It is unsurprising that the SNP lost its legal case to insist on Nicola Sturgeon taking part in the so-called Leaders Debate.  Yet again Scottish voters are treated with contempt.  However, this time I’m not going to simply moan about it – this time I’ll be taking a note of all the companies who advertise before, during and just after the debate.  These companies are now my target.  By taking out advertising during this programme they are hoping to increase their sales, well I’m going to point out that they won’t be getting any sales from me. Without the advertising revenue from these companies the debate would be unlikely to go ahead.  So if we can’t influence the courts to ensure fair treatment for the SNP let’s target the businesses who think they will benefit from the Leaders Debate.

Below is the draft letter I’ll be sending – obviously I’ll adapt it to include the names of the companies and their products/ services.  Feel free to copy this and adapt as you wish. These companies have the right to advertise when they want but equally us consumers have the right to choose.

Dear Advertiser,

I am writing to make you aware my concerns regarding your company running an advert during the so called ‘Leaders Debate’ on ITV/ STV.  Although this broadcast was meant to enlighten voters in the forthcoming UK General Election it was in fact a denial of democracy to voters in Scotland.

In case you were not aware, the ‘leaders’ in this debate represent two political parties which respectively poll around 20% and 15% in Scotland whereas the SNP – which has won every election for a decade in Scotland polls at around 43%.  In deciding to buy advertising during the ‘Leaders Debate’ there is a danger that many viewers in Scotland will regard your company as partially responsible for denying Scottish voters the chance to hear the leader of the SNP in these debates. 

May I also remind you that the SNP with over 120,000 members is the second largest political party in the UK.  There are many more who support the aims of the SNP who will all be perturbed that Scotland’s voice is excluded in these debates.  Whether your company has a political viewpoint or not is not relevant now, because by advertising during the Leaders Debate, you will be judged to have taken the view that Scotland’s voice is not important. 

For this reason, where possible, I will now look to any alternative company for any of the products or services you supply. If you can dismiss the views of your potential customers so easily then I see no reason to show any brand loyalty to your company.

Yours sincerely,


Just another Greedy Tory

p07lxmp7Ruth Davidson got her pals in the media to try to scam the public into believing she was a different type of Tory. They pushed the line that she was the saviour of the Tory party managing to get their support in Scotland up to around the level of Thatcher (i.e. not very much at all), the workings of the proportional representation system helped them achieve more MSPs (but still some got elected with ridiculously low constituency votes – Annie Wells?) and of course she was the Boris sceptic – voting for every other candidate than the blond buffoon and each time she backed them they fell out of the leadership race. She was meant to be a new type of Tory a working mum resigning from the party’s leadership to concentrate on her new born baby.

CiDFootWsAQ-KsVWhat a crock of shit!

Her political achievements were more about dodgy fake news than actual political change. She ended up with 13 MPs who ignored her – so much for her leadership. She barely does any constituency work – stuck on either 1 or 2 surgeries since being elected. She had to resign as leader as Boris treated her with the same contempt as her MPs and it was clear that her political career had hit the buffers. If she had remained leader during the next general election she would have struggled to get her media pals to explain away why she lost all the Tory MPs in Scotland (according to most polls). And of course, standing down to spend time with her family was just an excuse to get more time building up her bank balance with a £50,000 PR job for only 24 days work per year. She has always been and will always be a political fraudster.

The complaints about her outside earnings are not just about the obscene amount of money she will earn as both an MSP and a PR advisor. It’s really about the damage she is doing to the credibility of all politicians, MSPs and the Scottish Parliament. Scotland’s Parliament was meant to be different from the archaic Westminster, it was meant to represent all the people of Scotland. It wasn’t meant to be like Westminster where PR advisors roam the corridors of power with parliamentary passes – getting to meet and ‘persuade’ politicians on a daily basis and with an open cheque book. Not that long ago the Scottish Parliament tried to tighten up its rules on lobbying.

NINTCHDBPICT000516902407The parliament is for everyone not just those with the deepest pockets. There should be a clear distance between PR advisors and politicians. Davidson has smashed that pretence. She wants to openly play both sides – an MSP who will try to buy favour from her colleagues to support the political aims of her PR customers. If she ever held another surgery for her constituents should they expect to turn up with a cheque book/ bank card and pay for her services to represent them? There is a place for lobbying within any parliamentary system – charities and community groups do it to ensure new legislation is fit for purpose – similarly businesses and individuals do it to make sure legislation supports their aims. However, Davidson has crossed the line. We’re back to the worst excesses of the Westminster system – she has now signalled she is up for sale to the highest bidder. Her PR skills and media pals will have to work hard to limit the damage to her reputation through her greed. If anything it should put off potential PR customers – showing just how inept she really is.

When it all comes down to it Ruth Davidson is just another greedy Tory looking to line her own pockets at the expense of her constituents. Don’t wait for her resignation start campaigning to kick her out of Parliament.

The Petulant Prime Minister

petulant: /ˈpɛtjʊl(ə)nt/


  1. (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered. “he was moody and petulant”

If the reports from the BBC and others concerning the Prime Minister’s letter to the EU regarding a Brexit extension are true, then we really do have the most petulant Prime Minister in history.  A spoiled, little rich kid who dreamed of being King of the World may have got older by the time he became Prime Minister but he’s certainly not matured.

Protected by his family wealth and his financiers, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel has left nothing but a trail of failure and misery in his wake.  In his personal life he won’t even admit to how many children he has fathered (there is at least one to a former lover which he refuses to recognise), he left London in chaos after his stint as Mayor including buying three water cannon which were banned from being used in England and Wales (by then Home Secretary Theresa May) which were sold for scrap at a loss of £300,000; he wasted £53 million on a Garden Bridge for London and of course his role in the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s continuing imprisonment in Iran due to his reckless comments while Foreign Secretary.

Any one of these issues would sink the career of just about every other politician -but not Johnson. Someone, somewhere is making sure he remains at large – no doubt to do their bidding.

There is no question over Johnson’s inability to tell the truth – any google search will highlight the lies routinely spoken by Johnson. Whatever he says today he will ignore and say the opposite tomorrow. He’s lied to his wives, he’s lied to his bosses (which led to him being sacked as a journalist) and he even lied to the Queen when he requested the prorogation of Parliament. He said at last year’s DUP conference that he would never put a border in the Irish Sea – yet his Brexit deal proposes such a border. Why would anyone trust Johnson or believe a single word he says?

Johnson is a spoiled little rich kid who expects everyone to be in awe of him.  However, his actions over Brexit and his failure to sign the letter to the EU could see him end up in court.  The Scottish Court which looked into this case will now realise that by his actions, Johnson has lied to them.  Maybe a spell in the cells is in the offing for de Pfeffel?  When you have to take the Prime Minister to court to ensure that he obeys the laws of the land you have to question whether its worth being part of such a country.  The UK is fast becoming a racist nation – helped no doubt by Johnson’s comments and writings – and one where the rule of law can be ignored whenever it doesn’t suit your political ambitions, well if you are Boris Johnson!

Scotland can do so much better than this.  We shouldn’t have our futures controlled by an immature, childish Prime Minister who thinks he’s allowed to throw a strop simply because he can.  Let’s ditch the UK – go our own way and establish an independent Scottish nation.

Bye Bye Ginger!

1568Legendary rock drummer Ginger Baker died today (6th October 2019).  Born on 19th August 1939, Peter Edward ‘Ginger’ Baker became a pioneer of rock drumming, often dabbling in jazz fusion and world music.  The line up of bands and musicians he played with was incredible and helped cement his place as one of the most famous and sought-after drummers in the music industry.

From Blues Incorporated through to the Graham Bond Organisation and then Cream, Baker cemented his reputation as a dynamic drummer.  His fights with bassist Jack Bruce were legendary, including the time he pulled a knife on him.  After the demise of Cream, Baker continued with Clapton in the band Blind Faith before launching on his own with Ginger Baker’s Air Force.  He returned to heavy rock with BBM (featuring himself along with Jack Bruce and Gary Moore), unfortunately this only lasted for one album and one tour.

ginger-baker-apBaker was an exceptional drummer and an inspiration to many who picked up a set of drumsticks.  He has a reputation for having a violent temper and for confrontations but no one could deny his skill as a drummer.


The link below takes you to the movie ‘Beware of Mr Baker’.



Another one bites the dust …

CiRpSvPXEAAfK1RSo, she’s finally had enough – Ruth Davidson has walked away from her role as the leader of the Tory party in Scotland.  Everyone thought her missing in action routine when Boris Johnson decided that dealing with democratic politics was too much for him, that she was indulging in one of her many disappearing acts.

Being the darling of the UK mainstream media, Davidson has never had to work hard to avoid a difficult question – simply because those BritNat journalists never ask her anything more difficult than what was her favourite colour!  So, when Boris dropped his bombshell on Wednesday it wasn’t too surprising that Ruth Davidson was nowhere to be found.  Of course, UK journalists didn’t waste much time looking for her, and BBC Scotland couldn’t find anyone to doorstep her – as they’ve routinely done with SNP politicians!

You would have thought reaction for the media’s favourite (Scottish) Tory would have been relevant to Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament.  After all Davidson made it clear throughout the Tory leadership campaign that she was voting ABB (Anyone But Boris), working her way through a number of contenders as they all fell by the wayside. No doubt her support was seen as a poisoned chalice as it was a guarantee that everytime she publicly declared for one of the candidates they would lose!

She’s claiming she wants more time with her family – now that she has a young son – and the thought of leading the Scottish branch of a political party would take too much time out of her family life.  Fair enough, everyone should have the chance to spend time with their families, unfortunately due to Tory policies and their mismanagement of the economy not everyone will have that opportunity.  Too many people are working multiple jobs simply to make ends meet, they don’t have the luxury of an MSPs wage to survive on.

davidson_euMaybe it’s no coincidence she started reconsidering her future during the European elections when the gloss came off her leadership as the Tories fell to fourth place in the polls.  It was also clear she had no control over the Tory MPs representing Scottish constituencies and the constant stream of embarrassment over tweets and facebook messages from Scots Tories didn’t seem like letting up.  In the last week or so one Tory Glasgow Councillor boasted about getting a pension at 60 and not giving a damn about everyone else now facing to wait until they’re 75 and of course we had the tory activist being suspended over her comments about Nicola Sturgeon.  Davidson has never been able to deal with these people in her party and the mainstream BritNat media don’t bother looking into why she has no control.  Of course there was also the controversy over the dark money – who is funding the Tories and what are they getting out of it!  With Davidson gone the whole Tory campaign of backing Ruth’s candidate also falls by the wayside.  There will also be less talk of independence as Davidson mentioned the I-word more often than most of the SNP MSPs put together.


Ruth Davidson has walked away from her party’s leadership but will remain an MSP for the time being – it’s not an onerous job when you do as little as her.  Maybe not being leader will give her time to do a couple of surgeries for her constituents – something she has consistently failed to do so for years?

She’s just another failed opposition leader who couldn’t make the breakthrough to take power from the SNP and will only be missed by the BritNat press who effectively invented her.

Bye, bye Democracy

No doubt many people will be describing the decision by Boris Johnson to close down Parliament to force through Brexit as the ‘death of democracy’ but the procedures which allow this to happens simply highlights the lack of democracy within the UK.
We have an unelected Prime Minister advising an unelected Head of State to close down the House of Commons where the democratically elected representatives of the public were wanting to use their democratic right to stop the government forcing through the results of an advisory referendum which was won by one side which broke numerous electoral laws.
We have a weak Prime Minister struggling to keep control of Parliament, despite bribes to the DUP, who has surrounded himself with right wing zealots who are happy to crash the UK economy so that their tax dodging businesses can swoop in and asset strip as
Tory Cabinet waiting to benefit from Brexit

much as possible.  The vultures within the Tory Cabinet are getting restless waiting for their time to pick the bones of the UK economy, ensuring that they benefit from everyone else’s Brexit misery.

Of course there is a better way than this.  Scotland shouldn’t be stuck in the middle of this. We need to move to Independence as quickly as possible to at least limit the damage that Brexit will impose on our economy.  It’s time for Independence.